Lori's Little Lambs Christian Daycare Center Inc. - Proverbs 22:6
Welcome to Lori's Little Lambs Christian Daycare Center!  
Mission Statement
We believe that each child is equal in the sight of God and is to be treated as an equal regardless of sex, race, color, religious beliefs or political background of their parents.
We believe that an environment must be provided to introduce and enhance a child's spiritual development. This will be done through saying grace, using Bible Stories, Christian Books, Songs & Spiritual Activities.
The Staff, when relating to each other, parents or children will exemplify Christian values relating to love, kindness, patience, caring, co-operation, sharing and respect. This will be presented as appropriate lifestyles to the children through role modeling by the staff. 
We Provide
Snacks, Juice, Milk
Transportation to and from most Pawt./C.F schools
Part-Time & Full-Time Care
Fenced In Play Area
Bilingual Staff
Over 20 Years of Experience
DCYF Approved/DHS Certificate Accepted
210 Dexter Street - Pawtucket, RI
Hours 6:00AM 6:00PM 401.726.0049
401.726.0016 Fax
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